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Old Ghost Guitars only use premium, hand selected woods. A standard setup would consist of a black limba (aka korina) body with a 1/2 inch hand carved AAA figured maple top. The neck could be a 2 piece black limba or 3 piece maple neck. I also offer figured maple necks reinforced with a standard dual action truss rod plus 2 carbon fiber rods for maximum stability. The head cap is cut from the same billet as the maple top and the fingerboard is Madagascar ebony. I don’t believe in using rosewood fingerboards, because although they are cheaper, they are also much less dense than ebony, reducing stability and resistance to wear. I believe in maximum stability in all components of a guitar. Honduras mahogany also makes a good body wood and a figured walnut top can add uniqueness to the guitar. Many combinations of woods can be used depending on the tone and look one is looking for.

Deep tenon neck

Old Ghost Guitars use a deep tenon neck joint. It is by far the most expensive way to do it, but it is well worth it. The expense is why you will never see it on any production guitar. The neck goes through the body well past the tailpiece. However, unlike a neck through guitar, you retain an unbroken top. This makes the necks unbelievably stable and adds a ton of sustain. This also makes the pickups, bridge, and tailpiece all directly coupled to the neck, which allows lowers the resonant peak and gives Old Ghost Guitars their unique sound.

Direct Coupling

Direct coupling is when all parts that add to the sustain or tone of a guitar are directly connected. Directly coupled guitars have more sustain and overtones than those which don’t. In order to achieve direct coupling, the bridge and pickups must be directly connected to the neck. To achieve this you have to have a neck-through guitar or a deep-set tenon neck like those on Old Ghost Guitars. Also the pickups must be hard mounted to the body (not hanging from a pickup ring) and there must not be any glue in between the deep-set neck and the top plate. The bridge must mount with studs like a tune-o-matic bridge, and the studs must make direct contact with the neck. Gibsons have a set neck that does not come in contact with any pickups or the bridge. PRS bolt-ons come a little closer because the neck pickup is directly mounted to the neck, but the bridge pickup and the bridge do not make contact. Old Ghost Guitars have true direct coupling with a deep-set tenon neck, hard mounted pickups, and a tonepros or Gotoh 510 locking bridge where the studs are in direct contact with the neck. It gives you unbelievable sustain and a sound that you have to hear to believe.